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Nature’s Hand

Nature's Hand

The massive earthquake that hit Japan today shows our fragility and place in the world. In the end, as humans, we really have only each other and our faith. The tragedy and devastation that shocked Japan today, is a cold reminder that nature’s hand can strike at any time. Even the most stalwart nations are [...]

WI Will Not Go Silently Into the Night!

WI Will Not Go Silently Into the Night!

The granite statehouse in Madison is the only one of its kind. Rising up between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, it is the only State Capitol built on an isthmus – a narrow piece of land that separates two bodies of water. Over the past several weeks, thousands of people have flocked to Wisconsin’s Capitol [...]

Define [suhk-ses]

Short post today. I found this video off stillmotion which includes some of my favorite photographers. For any of you looking to get inspired, each of these talented people will inspire you in their own way. Get to know their stories, and see how you can use the experiences of their journey to help you find [...]