Where The Blogs At?


Its been far too long since I’ve written! So much has happened since my last post: more earthquakes in Japan, escalated uprisings in the Middle East, political change and unrest in both the US and Canada, nature’s wrath ravaging the southern US states, the jubilation and celebration of killing Osama Bin Laden, the list goes on and on. This year, while still in its first half, has proven to be one of major life changing events; events of magnitude that can both create and end histories. However, the point of this post isn’t to jump on my soap box and speak my personal and political opinions. But rather it’s about history, your history specifically; writing your story and leaving a little piece of yourself behind for those to remember when you are gone.

I came across a recent article about the death of the last known WWI combat veteran. I found it intriguing how the end of one life, can spell the end of an entire generation. Just like that, all recounts of the war are now second hand. In an instant an entire period is now just history, literally. Tales recorded in books, memoirs and files. The man did live a fruitful life and left us happy at the age of 110. It was an excellent piece on his life, but what struck me the most about this article was his comment to ABC in 2009, he said “I had a pretty poor start, but I had a good finish.” This humble comment made me reflect on my own life, on my own story. Then when an old acquaintance asked me, “Where the blogs at?” I wanted to give an excuse, but after thinking about it, and as much as I wanted to answer, I really didn’t have any response. I thought, Why do I have so many unpublished drafts? What was I waiting for? I asked myself, “When the time comes, how will I finish?”

I finally came to the realization of a simple and basic truth; time doesn’t wait. It dawned on me that I can’t sit here and ponder what things may happen, or how things will play out- because we just don’t know when it might be. In everyone’s story, there exists a single, important moment that you have complete control over. That moment is when your story begins. Everything else is clouded with uncertainty. There is never a better time than now, simply because we just don’t know what tomorrow holds. Don’t wait for things to happen, but rather, pursue efforts to make things happen- now. Your history will not write itself and time will not wait for you to start. Get those loose ends tied up, register that business you’ve been mulling over, reach out and mend those broken ties, finish that painting that has been sitting untouched, start that bucket list that you’ve been putting off.

The moment is now and there is none better. The multitudes of tomorrow are waiting to hear the echoes of what you have yet to leave behind. So begin your story, and run with it; run with no abandon, never look back.

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