365 Day 4: Shing, Shing! A Rainy Day

Late post, had alot going on yesterday. We had a beautiful week of weather only to hit a gloomy weekend. All day Friday the sun didn’t want to make an appearance. This shot is of my son Atraiu goin out to get the mail yesterday in the rain- right before he broke his umbrella. Of course to him, it was a sword, along with custom sound effects (“shing, shing!”).

I love that if you look close enough in this shot, you can just barely see the rain. I shot this one straight to B&W on camera for the mood. It was converted to JPEG in Capture NX2 (forgot to do this in camera), and I used Lightroom 2 to export it to a smaller size with a little sharpening applied.

Atraiu's Umbrella

D300s || Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 G VR || 1 /160s @ f/2.8 ISO 200 || Capture NX2 + Adobe Photoshop LR3

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