365 Day 5: The Clan

Late nights make for a late post. Hung out with the entire clan yesterday at the house of Henny. My kids wanted to sleep over with all their cousins so the wifey and I had a nice quiet night alone. I thought about how different it will be when the youngest of all our buggers are teenagers. The sounds of the kids playing/laughing/fighting/crying- it’s just so familiar. It always takes getting used to the feeling of not hearing the boisterous sound of children.

Lots of family stuff going on, but I’m still shooting daily! I’ll make it a point to get Day 6 up later today

I took this shot of my father playing with Bumii straight to Black and White. I keep forgettting to set to JPEG, so I used NX2 + Lightroom for my conversion and re-size to a smaller file.


D300s || Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 G || 1 /80s @ f/1.4 ISO 3200 || Capture NX2 + Adobe Photoshop LR2

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