365 Day 12: Boom Boom

This post is a couple days late due to my recovery time from the extended celebrations over the weekend (yes, I am a lightweight…). The occasion was a birthday party for my nephew Bumii (pronounced boo-mee). I have to say it was a BLAST- I’m starting to wonder who had more fun, the adults or the kids!

Bumii’s latest obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba inspired the theme. The shot below is of the cupcake/cakebite spread, created by the awesomely talented Aryll Pullum (cake bites / spread) and Cassondra Bookstaff (cupcakes / art) with Ostera Design.

You can also head on over to Ostera’s Facebook Page page to see more of their work!

D300s || Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 G || 1 /100s @ f/2.8 ISO 800 || Capture NX2 + Adobe Photoshop LR2

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