Monday Musings: Being Connected

I came across a Kickstarter project by Lauren Fleishman called “Love Ever After”. Inspired by an old love letter by her grandfather to her grandmother during World War II, Lauren set off to interview and photograph other couples who have been married for at least 50 years. Her purpose: to share their story and “illuminate our universal experience of love”. What a wonderful project concept! If you are interested, think about supporting this great project!).

The few comments on her Kickstarter page from some of her interviews caught my attention. One in particular,

“You have to remember times were different. We met in 1939 amd we didn’t have money. So our group of friends always met at our friend Betty’s basement. There weren’t things like dates and going out to dinner. We didn’t know from those things because we didn’t have money. So we enjoyed each others’ company.”

With technology driving the modern landscape of social networking and real time information and status updates, I can’t help but wonder how much of our time do we spend actually interacting face to face with someone vs. interacting with them online. These days, when I’m at a bar or a party, or just simply walking down the street everyone has their faces buried in their phones. Updating their latest status, checking their Twitter feeds. Are we too connected? Can the digital universe change our perception of connecting?

When was the last time you really enjoyed someone’s company- devoid of any distractions like TVs or a computer, or your mobile phone? Take a few moments to disconnect from the digital world and re-connect with those you love. Make a phone call instead of texting or write a handwritten letter instead of email. Spending some genuine time with that special someone may help strengthen any sort of bonds you may have.

The image below was taken by Lauren Fleishman from her Kickstarter page with the following quote:

“April 14th will be our 68th wedding anniversary. That’s right, you heard it! Friends ask me how I managed to get someone like Jean. So I have one expression. I prayed well.”

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