Tuesday Tips: Storing is Not Preserving

In today’s world of bits and bytes, it is becoming increasingly easier to store and share our digital images. It’s so simple to dump several gigabytes of files to your hard drive and upload them to the web instantly- infinite duplication, minimal loss of quality! Gone are the days of tedious (but rewarding!) manual photo processing. Meanwhile, as printing and framing is becoming a lost art, its no wonder that the traditional album is MIA when Facebook is receiving 250 million photos in uploads- daily.

But will our digital files still be viewable 50 years from now? How about 150 years from now? As history would have it, technology will always find a way to replace yesterday’s format. JPEG has been around for sometime, but are you willing to bet it will be around even 50 years from now? Consider that I can still see what someone looks like one hunded years ago- thanks to a photograph.

So, without further ado, here is my Tuesday Tip! It is a simple one, but one that is easily forgotten in today’s digital world: Storing your digital files is not the same as preserving them. Print your pictures!

There are many, high quality print shops around that will print out your images on the cheap. No need to list any, Google will find a slew for you- heck even the big box stores these days are using great printers, yet their photo kiosks are always almost empty. Spending no more than $20 dollars every month or every other month on some 4×6’s will ensure you have memories for years to come!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

I’d like to hear your opinion! Do you agree or disagree with this? When was the last time YOU actually printed out some photos?

D300s || Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 G || 1 /125s @ f/1.8 ISO 200 (+3EV) || Capture NX2

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