Earthdance 2010

Earthdance International has coordinated the annual Earthdance Global Festival for Peace since 1997, joining participants worldwide in a synchronized Prayer for Peace, and enabling the growth of an international community addressing peace, sustainability and social justice through the universal languages of music, art and dance. Learn more about the annual Earthdance Global Festival for Peace at their website and maybe you can get involved for next years festivities!

My wife’s godmother Lynn Johnson organized the event with her peers and asked Sophie to speak about and demonstrate traditional dances of the Khmer (Cambodian) culture. We had the pleasure of not only educating people a little bit on Khmer tradition but also had a chance to experience music and dance from other cultures.

Heres a few shots from the event!

Native American drumming and dancing with the Wunk Sheek singers & the Welch-Perez Family:

Eventually attendees joined in some dancing around the performers:

Sophie teaching guests how to dance “Romvong”, an ancient traditional Khmer dance style:
A Hawaiian Hula presentaion and demo with Debbie Knuth and her dancers:
Tani Diakite playing African music from Mali. Here he is “cleansing” the room by blowing through a conch shell.  I’ve never heard a place so still and quiet.  The sound from the conch was much louder than I anticipated. For some odd reason I wanted to say out loud in a european accent “Pass me the conch! It’s my turn to speak!” (from Lord of the Flies- if you didn’t catch it) I’m sure it would have been wholly inappropriate at the time so I held back:
Tani teaching the guests how to chant in response to some lines in his song. It was quite engaging!

This is the first time I’ve seen this instrument, here you can see Tani playing a Kalimba. It sounded like a toy piano. It’s a small wooden block with metal tines that would sound a note when you flicked it:

Next year I’ll be sure to plan for and entire day event to catch all the performances.  I missed out on Tai Chi, Tibetan Dancing, Sambs, more African music and some other local bands and DJs.  Definitely encourage people to come out next year for a greater showing to help spread awareness of culture and peace!

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