Jill + Ashton: Scatz Nightclub Wedding

This past summer I was given the opportunity to photograph a 2-day wedding for a close friend. The first day, a traditional Laotian Ceremony called a “Su-Kwan” was held, I blogged about it here. It was an intimate and spiritual gathering and it was nice to experience something different.

On the second day, a more traditional and modern ceremony was held for a small group of friends and family. The ceremony and reception was held in Scatz Nightclub in Middleton WI. The bride and groom come from different cultures, and in keeping with the union of two souls, the theme chosen for the wedding was “Collide”- a collision of two lives into one. It was a hectic day, as the rehearsals and wedding ceremony / reception were both in the same day! How was I going to fit time in for all the pictures? In the end, after a last minute change of plans everything worked out perfectly, it was a beautiful wedding! I’m glad I was able to be a part of this special experience!

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