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365 Day 1: Beginnings

365 Day 1: Beginnings

This is my first image, but my third attempt at a 365 blog. You can find my old 365 entries here Like the old saying goes, the wind from a door closing will open up another one. This time around I set a few rules for myself with this project, hopefully it helps me keep [...]

The Notion of Motion

According to Newton’s Laws of Motion, the tendency of a body in motion is to keep moving, while a body at rest has a tendency to sit still. With momentum, it’s easy to keep moving, more so than it is to start moving from a dead stop. By melding the laws of science with our [...]

Good Coffee and Musings

I woke up this morning groggy, from only a few hours of sleep. My saving grace was the perk of French pressed coffee to keep me sensibly awake. The smell of fresh grounds is too irresistible, and unlike any Starbucks / Tim Horton’s / Dunkin’ Donuts brew; the taste is richer, and the effect of [...]

Where’s My Reset Button?

Way back in time, when I could spend hours upon hours honing my video game skills, I remember playing a game for days that provided countless hours of frustration. The game was “Battletoads”.  It was developed by the now famous developers, Rare, Inc. It all started with a classmate of mine bragging that he played [...]